How long does it takes to become a Computer programmer?


Well, the answer can be very vague and indefinite. As the time required to become a proclaimed computer programmer depends on which technical stacks you are getting your hands on. It is proportionate to how fast you are learning, and you much practically you are capable of implementing the ideas and logic. 

So, the time consumption graph for becoming a computer programmer is much intended to vary from person to person. 


To general research and experience, it can be concluded that a period of few months (approximately 4 - 6 months) is required to grasp the basics of computer programming and a year or two for advanced level. 

However the learning stack is infinite, you can keep mastering the different stacks and thus the learning curve is totally variable. The more you know the lesser you are confined to a certainty. 


The first step to learning coding is Learning and implementing HTML and CSS. check you, How long does it take to learn HTML and CSS? to know more.


How do you become a computer programmer?

To be a computer programmer, the initial subjects you must have in 10th or 10+2 include computer science, mathematics, and associates. These are the preliminary steps to get a higher study of computer science. (though having computer science is not a mandate, you can start it late too, but it is preferable as it enhances the understanding of the subject.)


The early knowledge in the subject in your high school would help you stack the basic knowledge and functionalities which is definitely expected to help you in future for studying the same. 

Get your higher studies concerning the subject. Get a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Information technology. The common subject combination for the computer programmer course in computer science or computer application, mathematics, information technology. 

If not a bachelor’s degree in computer science you can opt for the technical institute, where your will be honed with more practicality and specialization. But it holds the same degree level as a graduate. 

Along with getting shaped by university and colleges, it is best to teach yourself. There are plentiful resources available on the web these days, where you can access learning and enriching your knowledge basin. So, if you are sincere enough and want to stand out of the box keep stacking new stuff in your box. 


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The next step is very crucial where you choose a specialization and point of focus. It can be web development, mobile application development, web designing, game designing, etc. this decision must be based on which part you enjoy doing, what are the future job prospect of your choice and how suitable it is going to be for you to work with the same. 

Apart from the academic procedure of getting a degree certificate of computer programmers, having some competition and internship certifications are really helpful for getting you job opportunities and clients in the case of startups. 

And all this done you qualify as a computer programmer, and with more on-field experiences you stage up some inch every day. So, a successful computer programmer is not only based on what you learn or your degree stack but your experiences and practicality to provide the best result. 

The learning stack for being a computer programmer is infinite so, the more knowledge and technology stack you So, keep upgrading yourself with the ever-changing and updating knowledge pool. 


Can I be a programmer without going to college?

Definitely YES!

It is one such workspace where you can work without a degree from college. You can learn from online courses available on Youtube, or certification courses from Fiverr, or Udemy, or similar platforms. 

But the setback is the working scope for you might be confined. As if you want to apply for a long-term job prospect, or in an organization, they might ask about your degrees and certificates. 

Otherwise freelancing, entrepreneurship is always an open valley for a computer programmer without any degree. All you need is good working abilities and experience. 


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How long does it take to become a computer programmer without a degree?

The timeline is variable, as it depends on numerous factors like your learning pace, implementation ability, prior knowledge of the technology, and time investment in the learning of the same. 

However, for the beginner level, it is expected to take you three to four months. And for master a technology around seven to eight months on an average. The expected time for being a programmer without a degree is lesser than that of being one with a degree and certificate is because here, you can learn at your own pace. Learn and implement but in the traditional way, it depends on the institution and examination formalities to make you a recognized computer programmer. 

So, learning from the online platforms and seeking paid courses online not only makes the road easier but also time shorter to learn and be a computer programmer.



What is the starting salary for a computer programmer?

The starting salary of a computer programmer varies greatly with the country, and type of technology stack. The subject of specialization marks the salary.

However, the estimated starting salary of a computer programmer is expected to be about $45,000 to $50,000 per year. Enrich your knowledge stack to earn more as a beginner. 

The salary scale weighs more with experience and better work quality. 


How much do Computer programmers make?

The salary of computer programmers varies with location, knowledge of the technology stack, and experiences. 

A beginner computer programmer is expected to make $47,000 per annum. This scales up with experience. The earning of a computer programmer is indefinite because they are capable of working on multiple projects at the same time, enabled of part-time jobs, entrepreneurship. So, the more you widen your wings, the better you earn. 

Thus to make more money as a computer programmer, keep updating your technology stack and gaining work experiences in a wider perspective. 


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Is coding a good career in 2021?

Coding is definitely on the list of the most popular cancer choices in 2021. It is a flexible and economically gid path of income. It holds multiple opportunities in the modern era of technology and digitalization. 

It is interesting as it entitles a list of multiple topics to work on. It is one such sport where you can keeping learning new things. There are job opportunities across the globe. It facilitates one of the highest-paying jobs in the world. There are many chances for you to create something new every day. You can work in multiple organizations together. You can work remotely. 

If all of these do not make up an amazing career that what will? 

Hence it can be concluded that coding is one of the best career choices for 2021.


How do computer programmers help society?

In the era of technology and digitalization, computer programmers greatly contribute to society to keep life easy and going. From school to offices, from leisure to passion every sector requires gadgets and artificial intelligence. The computer programs work hard to make it accessible and user-friendly to whatever extent possible. 

Computer programmers are hired in every working segment, the information technology sector, hospitals, academia, government sectors, etc. 


So, computer programmers play a big role in keeping your life easy and enjoyable. 



Computer programmers are of immense importance and are known to be one of the most successful careers of recent times. It takes around six months to get mastered the basics. And the master of the skills takes a year or so. 

Learning more technology stack makes you more advanced and skillful and enables you to rise up the salary ladder. You must not be a degree holder to be a computer engineer, you can learn the skills from any online platform and be a successful computer programmer too. 


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