How long it takes to publish your app on Google Play Store?

Every hard work needs a delivery platform, where it is introduced to the world, accessed by people, and reviewed. So are applications. Apps are such a result of thousands of codes and logics, which are upheld by the application stores for people to access it, and review it. 


There are two main application stores, namely - Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Today we shall discuss how long it takes to publish an app on Google Play Store


There is a certain time period taken by Google Play Store to review your submission, go through its eligibility concerns and then approve it. 


It usually takes 3-7 business days for your app to go live on Google Play Store after a review session, once you upload an app from Google Play Developer’s Account. 


Your app will be thoroughly reviewed by Google Play Store Team.

Refer to Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement for detailed understanding. 


There are cases where your app can be rejected. This is usually due to violation of rules in regard to security and privacy, content it comprises, designs, lack of optimized metadata, and so on.  Here, we sum up the reasons that can lead to the rejection of your app, so that it helps you to avoid the following unnecessary mistakes.


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When does Google Play Store reject your App?

Here is the list of reasons, why you app might suffer a rejection from Google play Store:


Not abiding by the Google Play Store’s App Submission Guidelines. The regulation has been made very strict with due respect to child endangerment, inappropriate content, hate speech, violence, harassment, unethical propaganda, etc. 


Google solely understands the necessity of strict regulation in this prospect as it is used by people of all age groups from all over the world. With around 2.1 million apps, it is the largest repository of apps. 


However, it is collected from an article that around 55% of Android apps that were submitted to the play store were rejected by Google on the ground of app submission guidelines. 

Read, Google Play Store Submission Guidelines to know more.


Copyright Issues. Your app should not violate the basic ground of copyright of any other community or application. If you are in partnership with any other entity, be sure to provide proper documentation. Under you have significant documentation your app will be rejected under Intellectual Property Rights Violation.


If the content of your app is inappropriate. Unethical content serves clear grounds of rejection. Induction of mature content must be enlisted by you while defining the ratings. Be sincere to be purposeful. 


Design Quality. Google has framed a guideline to app development that includes all the basic principles of UI design of a good app. MAke sure to retain the level to avoid your app from being rejected by Google Play Store. 


Unoptimized metadata. A step by step process must be followed to make sure Google gets an evident amount of understanding of your app. Metadata is of much importance during the publishing of an app. If in any respect the metadata holds inappropriate, your app ought to get rejected. 


Violation of Google’s Privacy and Security. Google would not entertain anything that leaves it answerable for Its privacy policy and security check. Google aims to provide a secure environment to its users, so it enforces a strong hold over this area. Make sure to fetch only necessary data, your privacy policy should not explicitly deliver how the data acquired from users are used. Wrong and dishonest approaches through the app should not be negotiated. Attempting to do something some ethical can lead to the rejection of your app. 


Regulation for User generated content. If your app is meant to let its audience create  content, and share them, and if in any way it is used to threaten or harass other people and their privacy your app will be rejected. 

To avoid such an event, it is recommendable to pre-include some moderation system and logics that would help to keep such threatening and stressful content invalid. 


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What should be done to avoid rejection of your app from Google Play Store?

The first and foremost thing to do in order to avoid your app from getting rejected is to read the procedure of app submission. Next comes, reading the privacy and security statements sincerely, abide by the rules and regulations, describing your app perfectly with appropriate metadata. 


However, there are few other things that must be kept in mind. They are,

  • Test and check your app repeatedly before your submit for review and approval,
  • Provide from personal informations and contact details,
  • Make sure about the content and subject of your app, 
  • Describe the features and formulations in order to help the Google Play Store team to have a better understanding of your app, when reviewing,
  • Provide an active login portal to access them for demo. 
  • And importantly avoid the above mentioned points in order to avoid rejection of your app.



If everything is done according to the regulation and guidelines of Google Play Store, there is least or no chance for you to get rejected. Be patient enough to do your art sincerely and wait for the Google Play Store to verify and approve it. 

Keep up with updating your app inorder to make the most out of your project. Instil the best to make it interesting and imbibing so that it makes people curious to download. 



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