Why Google Search Console not showing my website data?

Google Search Console can be regarded as a necessity for all web entrepreneurs, who use the web platform to understand the crawl, indexing, traffic monitoring, keyword performance, and so on. This helps in generating leads through organic traffic. 


So, getting back to the main topic,


Why is Google Search Console not showing your website data?

There can be multiple reasons for Google Search console not showing you results. The reasons are variable and can be fixed accordingly. 


Here is the list of reasons that can be one of the reasons for your website not showing data. They are:


If your website is new, it is pretty usual that if you have a newly created website and a verified domain it takes a week or two to show data. So, in that case you need not worry instead wait for sometime for your website to get steady traffic and data in your search console. 


In the meantime you may refer to Google Analytics, for real time data and observation on your website. It helps you to estimate what is working well for you and what is not. And thus, assists to make changes according to the need. 


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If you do not have much traffic in your website. 

User behavior is an extremely integral part about any website. So, it is recommended to get on with Google analytics first to monitor the traffic source and movement in real time. 

And then get back for results in Google Search Console. 


And even after getting leads of organic traffic from Google Analytics without any data on Google Search console, then ensure that the URL is configured correctly in the search console. Recommendable to add both the non www and www version of your domain. 


You can also use Google Webmaster Tools which is again a hand of Google to have a better grip and understanding of your website performance. It helps you to detect whether something is wrong with the current set-up of your website. 


If you have not registered the website ownership on Google.

Inorder to have your authenticity over an website data and statistics you must verify yourself as the owner of the website to Google. To verify your site ownership and get it done through Google Search Console Verification Property.


This is one initial step you must not forget about after creating a website. 


If you have not submitted your Sitemap. 

A sitemap is an outline or blueprint of your website. It helps in searching, crawling and indexing your website content and data. And so not submitting your sitemap can lead you to get no data from your website. 

In such a state you can initiate to Google to search and index your content by creating and submitting a sitemap to Google. 


For instance, if you use WordPress, enabling the Yoast SEO Plugin automatically generates the site map of your Website. And for such a  case all you need to do is copy the URL from your website and provide it to the search engine specifically, for Google through Google Search Console. 


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If your site is not having any engagement.

This is one very common reason for not getting data in the search console. This is because of no interaction in your website. That is, people are not clicking on your website in search results, or your website is yet to rank in the search results.

So, in order to increase engagement you must enrich your content goodness. 

Google Search Console mainly shows your organic search and if your website does not stand at least in the first two or three pages then it’s better not to expect organic impression and clicks. 


So it's best to try to make your content rank in the first page in order to get organic traffic and thus data in Google Search Console. 


If your website lacks Keywords or if you have not built any keyword density on your pages. Keywords play a very crucial role in ranking your site in search results. So if you do not have proper centric key words neither your content is going to rank nor you getting any impression or organic engagement. And thus, it might leave you with an absolute blank on the search console. 


How long does the Google Search Console take to show data?

After creation of a new website it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to showcase the traffic movement and stats of your website. 


After your website is all set and running steady, the Google Search Console updates your website data automatically in two days delay. It takes longer and works on a weekly centric result. This has advantages as it shows a significant lead and helps in pointing mistakes and making needful corrections. 


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What are the differences between Google Search Console and Google Analytics?

Google Search Console is all about organic search and how search engines find your site and draw you traffic. On the other hand, Google Analytics refers to the visitors and their interaction with your site irrespective of their source. 


Google Search Console lags around 48 hours to update its data, whereas 

Google Analytics shows real-time data. 


Search Console marks the potential of your site and its content. And analytics, depicts the performance of the website. 


However both are inter-related, and helps in identifying the problems in your website and emphasises on solving them.


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