Who is a Full-stack web developer?

 Full-stack developers are advanced web developers with more skills and experience than traditional web developers

Full-stack developers are web developers who are cable of both front-end and back-end development. A full-stack developer develops both server and client software. 

Therefore, a full stack web developer must be eligible to implement JavaScript, angular, Vue, etc, along with mastering HTML and CSS.

In other words, a full stack developer must know how to program a browser, a database, and a server. 

A full-stack developer is basically a jack of all trades but a master of every web developmental stack. Though he or she must have a good grip over either front-end or back-end. 

Generally, a developer begins his work concentrating on either of two interfaces and that remains the main domain. But eventually becomes a full-stack developer by learning, practicing, and implementing new skills and programming languages. 

This takes a lot of time and necessarily years of experience.

Being a full-stack developer is solely worth it as has huge job opportunities. The salary you would get as a full-stack developer is expected to satisfactorily good. 

Therefore, if you are stuck at deciding whether to be a full stack developer or not. I would recommend you enhance and sharpen yourself to be one. 

How to become a full-stack developer?

Before determining how to become a full-stack developer, I must tell you what a full-stack developer does. The framework of the works done by a full-stack developer would help you to understand where to start and which steps to take to be a full-stack web developer. 

As a full-stack web developer, you need to have absolute fluency in writing codes and performing core programming. 

You must be capable enough to produce efficient balanced work both for client and server interface. 

You have to manage data on your application. You should be good at framing a logical sequence for any project. You have to take an all-over responsibility for your project. 

The following are things you have to work on to become a full-stack developer:

  • You have to be really good at programming languages. You have to be an absolute master at HTML and CSS stands. Along with this, you have to need to develop skills in other programming languages too. Programming languages like JavaScriptPHP, should be learned. 

The more you learn, the better you are as a full-stack developer. 

  • Practice through the creation of test web pages. Whatever ideas, the innovative implementation you can think of practice it over as drafts. Practice as much as you can. Because only if you revise your skills you get better with it. 
  • Do not keep knotting losing the basics. Keep a good grasp over a particular part. Be absolute splendid in one aspect and then keep learning new technologies. 
  • Think practically and implement likewise. And the more you practice, the more practical you become. 
  • Always remember in the process of learning new things, you cannot let off your old acquired knowledge. You have to keep practicing those implementing and enhancing your skills. 

To sum it up all, to become a full-stack web developer you have to be more knowledgeable than usual developers, more skillful, and more experienced. To have all of it you need a lot of dedication, determination, and consistency. 

What does full-stack mean in web development?

Stack in this context refers to ‘layers’. And full-stack refers to all the layers. Hence a full-stack developer is the one who is knowledgeable of all the layers of web development. 

Full-stack in web development refers to being equally good with performing a total work process and implementation of all the requisites for a project. 

Full-stack in web development bolds the knowledge of programming languages and the skills of a developer. A developer is termed as a full-stack developer if he or she is highly capable of handling server-side and client interface by ownself. 

Basically a web developer who has stacked both Front-end and back-end is called a full-stack web developer. 

What should a full stack web developer know?

A full-stack developer should be able to work out a wholesome package of the entire web development of any project. He/she should be skillful in performing both front-end and back-end development. 

If not more, at least one server-side programming language must be known to a full-stack developer.

As a front-end developer, a full-stack developer should be a pro of front-end technologies. Front-end technologies includes, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3. 

Knowledge of third party libraries would highly recommendable. The third-party languages are LESS, Angular, React JS, etc. 

Discrete knowledge of DBMS technology is another important aspect of a full-stack developer. MySQL, Oracle, etc are some widely used of this purpose. 

Coaching mechanisms like Redis, Memcached would be an added advantage and would be very appreciable. 

The more you learn, the skillful you become and that is the full-stack developer is all about. So make count on acquiring more diverse knowledge in the different aspects of web development. 

Good knowledge of handling server is highly required. 

For a full-stack developer designing ability is also demanded. He or she should know UI/UX design and basic prototype design. 

Knowledge of the Version control system helps in better understanding and track the alteration made in the codebases. On the other hand knowledge of Git help in easily getting access to the latest code and updating different parts of code without breaking things. 

It is desirable from a full stack developer to have the knowledge of creations and consumption of REST and SOAP services.

Knowledge of the Algorithm is another vital necessity of a full-stack developer. 

A full-stack developer must have knowledge of security as each data has its own kind of risks. 

How long does it take to become a full-stack developer?

It is impossible to specify a timeline or tenure to become a full-stack developer. Because to be a full-stack developer is to be more skillful in learning new technologies. 

So more you can acquire the more you enhance yourself as a full-stack developer. 

The time needed to be a full-stack developer depends on various things like a persons’ ability to learn new technologies, his/her dedication towards learning new things, how much time the person puts in, and how much the person is knowledge filling himself. 

However, the only justifiable answer to this question is ‘it depends’, yet we have sorted an approximated value based on research and experiences. 

It approximately takes 1 to 1.5 years to be a full-stack developer. 

It is an approximate value and varies from person to person. 

What is the difference between a Web developer and a full-stack developer?

Full-stack web developers is a domain of web developers only. 

Traditional web developers (web developers) are the ones who master either of the two interfaces of web development. They specialize in one aspect. They work either on the front-end or back-end. They have a specific segment of work in the web developmental process of any project. 

While a full-stack developer looks after all the aspects of web development. The control, coordinate and makes into work both front-end and back-end. They have more vivid technical web developing knowledge compared to traditional web developers. 

Full-stack developers are often more experienced than the (traditional) web developers. Therefore, a full-stack web developer we have to initially start as a web developer and then stack yourself with skills and necessarily implementation of newly learned technologies. 

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What is the salary of a full-stack web developer?

A full-stack web developers earn around $ 1,00,000 – $ 2,00,000 annually. The given approximated value is based on the United States of America. This salary of a full-stack developer is impossible to be defined definitely. 

The amount varies from country to country and with project types. 

Is Full stack development hard?

No! Full-stack development is not hard but is more skillful. So acquiring a skill would not really be difficult if you intend to learn it. If you already choose to be a web developer, you just add on learning to your technologies list. Therefore, learning new programming languages and technologies won’t be a very difficult task. 

Being a full-stack development is not hard at all if you are determined to learn it. 

Honestly, it is difficult to manage a whole project and looking after both the front-end and back-end. 

But at the same time, it has numerous advantages too. As you plan for short term proceedings, implement it, make changes if something goes wrong. 

You save time, by tackling everything alone, and lessen the waste of time on discussion, planning, asking for work reports, and so on.

Is full-stack development worth it?

Nowadays, most of the companies prefer to hire full-stack web developer compared to traditional web developers. Behind which affordability is a big cause. Hence there is a wide job scope as a full-stack developer. 

For a full-stack developer, it is easier to switch between front-end and back-end. This is advantageous for the clients too, in case they want to make some modifications to their project.

As a full-stack developer, you can try out new ideas and implementations. You can see outcomes yourself and make changes accordingly. The same thing is difficult when working in a team. 

With the knowledge of both front-end and back-end, you get to have good control over the project. You easily understand where and when you need to do what. You do not have to coordinate with someone else when altering something. 

Since the formulation, the design depends upon one single person, there are fewer chances of controversies and disparity in developmental strategies. Hence, along with saving time, it will help the developer for personal development. 

As a full-stack developer, you do not need much infrastructure to accommodate your team. 

A full-stack developer is always paid more than any specified front-end or back-end developer. 

You can even start with freelancing, and to be honest, a full-stack freelancer is preferred over front-end or back-end developers.

Last but not least, if you want to start up entrepreneurship full-stack development would be the best assistant. As initially you would need no team and work on your own. So there’s less investment. 

And also when your startup grows and you need to set up a team of developers you can look after the total proceedings. This would definitely enhance your business. 

Should I learn the front-end or back-end first?

This is totally dependent on the person who is working. You may start with the front-end or back-end. I would tell you to start with something you are confident about. 

Also to note what type of project you are dealing with. In case you are making a project which requires beautification and interactive user interface start, start with front-end. And if your priority is to be secure and robust then preferable to work on the back-end technologies first.  

So, as per your need for the project and priority start working according.