How much does it cost to build an E-commerce website?

 The cost of building an e-commerce websites differ with differing parameters.

Parameters for variable cost include in which country you work, which technology type you are using, the experience of the web developer you are hiring (if you are hiring one), and what are features you want for your website.

For example, in countries like India, developing an e-commerce website cost many lessers than the USA or Russia. 

In India, we may get full working e-commerce in WordPress is around 100$ or even less. 

While in other countries (USA, UK, Australia) the cost varies exponentially and may go beyond $1000.

Hence it is extremely difficult to determine a fixed or even an approximated cost to build an e-commerce website. 

How long does it take to build an e-Commerce website?

The only suitable or exact answer to this question is variable or inconstant. It can be stated as a fixed time frame. The tenure to develop a website, be it an e-commerce website or any other specified website it depends on several factors. 

The factors which determines the time span of building an e-commerce website are technology usages, the developer and the features. 

Therefore, completion of e-commerce websites depends on whether you are building the website from scratch (self-coded) or using a website builder. It depends on the technology you are implementing for you website development. 

Secondly, it depend on how skilled and experienced web developer you are. 

And thirdly, the features you want in your website. 

Custom coding a e-commerce website might take 1-2 months of web developmental works.

Hence, building an e-commerce website can take 20-30 min with the help of an website builder. The development of the same website might take a month or more if self-coded. 

Incase you are using any website builder, here the most recommended ones. 

The two most recommendable website builder for an e-commerce website are,

Shopify e-commerce website builder


However these website builder might restrict you creative ideas from implementation. 

Hence it is always beneficial to build from stract to give your ideas the right business shape. 

Read, to know How to code a website? And develop your own with flexibility and features. 

What is the best website builder for e-commerce?

Website builders are useful and easy to use. If you have to create a website in little time, website builder definitely serves the best help. 

Some of website builders which are really amazing for building an e-commerce website are:

  1. Shopify e-commerce website builder
  2. WooCommerce for WordPress

All the above mentioned website builders comes for a nominal price only. The WooCommerce for WordPress comes for free. 

For custom code and WordPress, this is some suggesting hostings. With free domain for a year from the hosting service.

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What is the best free website builder for e-commerce?

Opinions may vary, but according to me the best free website builder for e-commerce is WooCommerce for WordPress. It is super eBay to use and facilitates a wide number of templates. 

You can build a vibrant decent and multifacilitatory e-commercial website in 15-20 minutes using WooCommerence (with some knowledge of website making). 

But if you are a complete beginner ths migt take you little longer time. 

From an e-commerce website you can make some passive earnings as well. You can make up to the passive income sources in your website by writing blogs, adopting affiliate marketing skills via blogs, etc. 

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Can I build my own eCommerce website?

Building you own website would be the best option. They would let you have all the feature you want. If you know programming and coding then custom coding an e-commerce website is expected to take you a month or two. 

Refer to the article How to code a website? 

This articles guides you to develop websites. Developing a website also requires hosting and domain access.  

For custom code and WordPress, this is some suggesting hostings. With free domain for a year from the hosting service.

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What skills do you need for e commerce?

To own an e-commerce website requires a number of skills in variable domains. From knowing content writing to marketing. If you are not capable enough to handle everything by yourself you have go on hiring some people to serve the specific needs. 

The skills which are required to own and run a e-commerce website are as follows:

  1. Developmental Skills:

If you yourself is a web developer, there’s nothing better than that. You can build your wn website make flexible features which are unique. Something out of the box is anyday appreciable. 

If you have no web development skills, you can learn the basics of HTML and CSS. This can help if you know anything. 

How long does it take to be a web developer?

  1. Search Engine Optimization: 

This is one of the most important parameter to get your website rank on Google. By this process, you webpages will hav more tendency to crawl in an search engine. This can more easily list your site on the appropriate results pages. 

This help the seach engines to better understand you contant and fetch you traffic. 

  1. Marketing Strategies:

For this purpose you can search for any Marketing automation tools. These tools are very helpful and promisingly shows better results. 

This is all about managing processes and workflow to enhance your business. 

It can greatly and positively impact your e-commercial website by increasing conversion rates and reducing marketing expenditures. 

  1. Advertising:

This should be well planned and executed. This must be carried out using the different media platforms. This whole advertising propaganda revolves around a unique notion. So, it is better to hire an marketers to help you with it. 

Because only an effective ecommerce marketer understands how advertising works and seeks to get the very best possible return.

And you are planning to grasp this skills. Then i must tell you it might take some time but can be seriously helpful. It is a key to drive profit. 

  1. Handle Data Analytics:

You need to how to handle your data and analytics. Having right analytics of your website shall help to understand and emphasize on the required segment of your website. 

If your hier a marketing expert he i sought to look after this part too. 

  1. Content writing:

This ensures you earn passively from your websites where you can put up the blog and valuable informational articles. This is the part you can approve advertisement and use affiliate marketing programs to enhance your income. 

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