How to run JavaScript code?

 Javascript is the only coding language in which logic can be applied in a web document or HTML document. It is important to know how to run JavaScript code.

Javascript is the backbone of Front end web development.

Without Javascript developing a modern website is not possible.

Javascript is the only coding language understood by the browser.

Initially, javascript was only made to use for front end development, but eventually, Nodejs was developed with javascript which can even handle the Server side.

Eventually, over time there are many alternatives to the front end javascript, one such alternative to the javascript is Typescript. 

But let’s not deviate and concentrate on javascript for now.

How to run javascript in HTML?

To run a JavaScript code in an HTML page, the JavaScript code has to be included in between the script tag in the body of the HTML.

A JavaScript can be run in an HTML via an external file or can be written in the HTML document itself.

if you include JavaScript in the HTML page you don’t have to run the JavaScript code manually. The browser automatically runs the JavaScript code as the HTML document is loaded by the browser.

How do I run a JavaScript external file?

To run a JavaScript external file you may have to include the JavaScript external file within the script tag and will have to specify the path of the JavaScript file as the source of the script.

<script src="myscripts.js"></script>

The above tag should be included either within the head tag of the HTML document or the body tag of the HTML document, deciding where to place the script and would be based on the priority on which the script tag would be loaded.

But if the priority of the script tag is low and can be loaded at the end of the document loading process, then you should include the script tag at the bottom of your HTML document but just before the end of the body tag.

Is JavaScript enabled in Chrome?

Yes, javascript is enabled in google chrome, and the JavaScript engine included in the Chrome browser is known as Chrome V8.

The V8 is an open-source JavaScript engine developed by the chromium project for Google Chrome by Lars Bak.

The V8 was first launched in the year of 2008 and was written in C++


How do I run JavaScript in chrome?

To run JavaScript in Chrome can be done in two ways.

It can be run in an HTML document where the browser automatically detects the JavaScript code that is mentioned in between the script tags in the HTML document.

This is generally used for normal javascript that is included in an HTML document.

In the above method, you don’t have to trigger javascript with any command. The javascript code is executed automatically as soon as the HTML document is loaded by the browser.

Another way of running javascript is by deploying javascript servers and pointing the browser to the local or the global domain of the deployed server. JavaScript is basically used for the backend javascript stack.

Chrome even comes with a javascript server extension. The javascript server extension allows you to deploy a javascript server locally in the chrome, where you can run your javascript locally in the chrome browser.

Web Server for Chrome

How do I open JavaScript in the browser?

Basic JavaScript that is included in the HTML document gets executed by the browser automatically.

While the document HTML document renders. So to make the JavaScript code work in a browser all you have to do is open the HTML document in the browser and the browser will do the rest for you.

If the JavaScript stack you are using is a backend stack such as node.js, then you may have to start or deploy your javascript server and then point the browser to the server address.

The local server address may look like http://localhost:8100/, and to point the browser to the server address all you need to do is place the server address like the above in the address bar in the browser.

How to run javascript in the terminal?

You can access the JavaScript terminal only when the javascript stack used is a backend stack.

JavaScript is also used for deploying frontend stacks like Angular, React, Vue js.

As they are deployed over the node js server.

You may use the Terminal of JavaScript to deploy a JavaScript server locally.

You can use the JavaScript terminal is usually used to deploy node.js server locally.

Can I run JavaScript locally?

Yes, javascript can run locally. But running the backend javascript defers from running front end basic javascript.

The Front end basic javascript can run automatically by the browser by including the javascript code in the HTML Document. To run a basic frontend javascript you have to open the HTML document file in the browser and that’s it, the browser will automatically detect the javascript code included within the HTML document and execute it accordingly.

But if you use a javascript stack as backend stack like node js, then you might have to deploy a javascript local server manually through the terminal or the chrome extension.

Where do I test JavaScript code?

There are various ways to test your javascript codes. You can check the Javsscript codes either offline or can be tested online.

You can test the basic frontend javascript in an HTML document in the browser by opening the HTML document in the Browser. 

You may check javascript can even be tested in online platforms such as Stack blitz and Js Fiddle.

For testing your Backend javascript, you can start a node js server locally from your terminal or Command line. Where you would be prompted if found any error while executing your javascript server codes.

How do I test if JavaScript is working?

You can check if your javascript is running successfully or not by opening the console in the browser.

The Browser console will log any kind of javascript errors faced while loading the HTML document.

In case if you are running a javascript server and there is a fault in deploying the server, then in that case look out for error in the terminal from where you actually deployed your javascript server. 

Any errors related to deploying the server would be notified in the terminal itself.

Is JavaScript free to install?

Javascript is an open-source free to use coding language.

Moreover, to use the basic javascript you don’t even need to install javascript. The browser automatically detects the script tags and the javascript codes included in the HTML document.

But in case if you want to use backend javascript stack or node js, then in that case you have to install node js in your local machine. But don’t worry even node js is open-source and free to use.

Is JavaScript hard to learn?

Javascript has got a great learning curve. And can be super easy to learn if you have some prior coding knowledge. 

But in case you don’t belong to a programming background, then in that case you might find it a little difficult than others. 

But still at the end of the day javascript is a lot more interesting and has an easier learning curve than many other coding languages.

Yes, JavaScript is difficult compared to learning HTML and CSS. But it is very beneficial. And very justifiably, better things take time.

Is JavaScript harder than Python?

The answer to the question might sound a bit diplomatic.

Learning the basic javascript is too easy but mastering the javascript may take longer than expected.

Javascript has got a huge community and variation of frameworks and different framework functions differently, that is why mastering javascript is not as easy as it seems.

Can I learn JavaScript on my own?

Yes, you can learn JavaScript on your own. 

Because javascript is really interesting to learn and there are many online tutorials available for beginner to learn javascript. 

I myself learnt javascript on my own from w3 school.

There are many good youtube tutorials available for javascript and moreover if you are really serious about mastering javascript then you can even try out Udemy Courses.

How many hours to learn JavaScript?

If you have a programming background and knowledge of how code work then in that case javascript won’t bother you much, it would just take some few hours to learn basic javascript.

Mastering Javascript will take longer as javascript ha got a vast field and number of libraries to explore.

But time will completely vary if you are a complete beginner and don’t have any idea about coding or programming. 

The time, in that case, may vary depending on your dedication towards learning javascript.