How long does it take to learn PHP?

 Learning PHP is really not a big deal and PHP has been the easiest stairs for beginners to hop into the world of backend coding.

The job of PHP is basically to interconnect the user with the backend database.

A database cannot be accessed or used by a frontend user directly. 

For a user to send or retrieve data from the database on a server, there should be a mediator language on the server that will connect the users to the database and PHP does that job.

Without any kind of prior knowledge of server-side coding, if you are a complete beginner it will just take you close to six months to master PHP. Though if you have somewhat prior knowledge of server-side coding then this time period would just shorten up to 1 to 4 months.

Though learning MySQL along with PHP may take more time.

*this time may vary and may even shorten up…. If you chose to have tuition and not learn it on your own.

Is it hard to learn PHP?

Of all server-side languages like node.js, Django, etc, PHP is considered to be the best for beginners to start off their journey as backend coder.

The learning curve of PHP is considered to be easiest of all and that is why it is preferred by all the beginner communities.

PHP has the largest community of developers which also makes it easier for a new developer to look out for the solutions up online for the problems that they are facing.

How can I learn PHP fast?

This is a trick question, if you are looking out for some shortcuts then let me tell you I have none but definitely I can suggest a method using which you can learn PHP faster than normal.

While learning PHP just learn the basic syntaxes and the variable logics and basic off PHP, and then quickly hop into a simple easy project and start implementing your knowledge into the project.

There are many websites available from where you can take help for your self.

For example W3school.

You can even help yourself with the help of youtube and udemy.

Can I learn PHP in a month?

Yes, learning PHP in a single month is also possible but for that, you might need some prior knowledge of coding and would need a lot of dedication. 

Mastering PHP in 1 month is maybe not possible but yeah you can cope up with the basics of PHP in just a single month with your hard work and dedication.

Beginning with PHP and coping up with that injustice single month can be really difficult as along with PHP you might have to learn my SQL as well to connect and a database with your server codes

What should I learn first PHP or MySQL?

PHP and MySQL are two pseudo codes that are required to develop a complete project.

Without MySQL, PHP won’t be able to connect to the database or interact with database.

Without a database, you won’t be able to store or any data. the basic function of PHP to talk to the server and the basic function of my SQL is to talk to the database.

You can prefer learning the basics of PHP first for example the variable concept etc and then you can jump into learning MySQL. 

But after a certain time, you would have to learn them simultaneously as they would work hand in hand for you. 

Php without MySQL and vise versa would be really impractical and inefficient as you won’t be able to make a complete product without the combination of both.

Why is MySql Important to learn?

Without MySQL interacting with the database is not possible!

Whenever a data is to be inputted from the user side, the front end sends the data to the server which is handled by the PHP and then PHP sends the data over to the database through my SQL.

How long does it take to learn MySQL?

Learning MySQL would be considerably easier than PHP as there a lesser number of functions to deal with in the case of MySQL.

The basic functions in a database would be CRUD.

CRUD stands for create, read, update, and delete function. These are the four major functions that you would be performing majorly with the database with the help of my SQL.

Learning my SQL good just takes you around 5 to 6 days to know the basics.

In basics, you will get to know about how to :

  • connect with the database.
  •  create tables.
  •  insert data into tables.
  •  get data from the tables.
  •  update data into tables.
  •  delete data from tables and more.

How long does it take to learn PHP and MySQL?

Learning Mysql won’t take much of time while learning PHP.

As now you already know MySQL is not as big as PHP is, so it is obvious that MySQL will take less time to learn as compared to PHP.

You will have to learn my SQL along with PHP simultaneously, As you would be dealing with data from the users with the help of PHP, those data will have to be stored over to a database and that can only be done with the help of MySQL.

Learning PHP along with MySQL on an average would take three to six months of the time span.

Learning the usage of a combination of both PHP and Mysql is the most important thing to learn in the course of learning PHP.

So you must really put your effort into this, and must not skip any step to save time. 

Every effort you put for the PHP and MySQL combination would benefit you.

The time span would really be a variable depending upon the dedication you would be putting to learn coding patterns.

I would recommend you to learn and develop projects as you go because this would be something easy and interactive to do. 

Long learning tenure would become more interactive for you if you learn and develop projects as you go.

How long does it take to learn Laravel?

Laravel is a framework of PHP.

And to learn a framework it is recommended to learn the basics first, in that case, I would recommend you to first learn the basics of PHP and then move on to a framework like laravel or codeignitor.

If you have prior knowledge in basic PHP then in that case laravel would take you around 2 to 3 months as an add-on over the tenure of learning basic PHP.

So learning laravel along with basic PHP and MySQL will take you around 6 to 8 months in total.

Though learning laravel can even take you more than that depending upon the dedication that you put on your learning.

** the above learning tenure mentioned is just for the basics of laravel, mastering laravel can take you up to a year.

How long does it take to learn Codeigniter?

Just like laravel, Codeigniter is another PHP framework that works on the architecture of MVC.

So similarly just like laravel, learning Codeigniter may also take you up to 2-3 months as an add-on over the tenure of learning basic PHP.

So learning Codeigniter along with basic PHP and MySQL will take you around 6 to 8 months in total.

** the above learning tenure mentioned is just for the basics of Codeigniter, mastering Codeigniter can take you up to a year.

How long does it take to learn cake PHP?

Just like codeigniter and laravel, Kik PHP is another framework of PHP.

Cake PHP is considered to be a bit easier as compared to laravel or Codeigniter.

But still, it will take you around 1 to 2 months as an add-on over the learning tenure of basic PHP.

So the total learning tenure required for Cake PHP would also be around 6 to 7 months on average, including the course tenure of basic PHP and Mysql.


So on average, we conclude that learning PHP along with the Mysql will take you almost around six months.

Learning any framework of PHP would require around 7 to 8 months for learning the basics of the framework.