7 Free best hosting for Angular apps and React apps

 Hi everyone Priyam this side, I have seen that people are searching for free hosting for the angular app or react app or for any progressive app.

They want to host their angular app or react app for free and this can be because of various reasons, two major reasons are:

  • They want it for a testing environment.
  • For learning purposes.

And I have seen many posts calling out the localhost to be the option for hosting an angular app and react app. But to be honest, everyone is looking for a web host, local is not the answer. Even if you want to learn or if you want to test your environment or app, you need to deploy it over the internet. You cannot test keeping it offline.

I’m gonna tell you seven major authenticated brands that offer free hosting.

Actually, I can tell you Eight but for that bonus one, you may have to read this post till the end.

If you are trying to host your angular or react app, you should have a prior idea of how to make their respective production build.

If you don’t know how to build an Angular app for production and deploy it over to hosting then check out the official website linked below for guidance over the method of making a production build for the angular app

Angular official website

And for react app check our the official react website

official react website

These seven Hosting can be used for deploying your Web progressive apps, in other words, the angular app or the React App that you have.

These websites can also be used for hosting the javascript websites.

1. Firebase hosting

Firebase hosting is the best hosting to use to deploy your angular app or react app.

Hosting with firebase has its own pros.

Firebase provides a vast bucket of products and features almost for free.

That’s why firebase is so accepted and appreciated within the world of developers.

Check out the spark plan of firebase which comes for absolutely free of cost, at the official firebase website.

Firebase Official Website

Firebase Hosting Pricing

Google Firebase has got a “pay as you go plan” also known as the Blaze Plan. So, that you select and go for a plan based on the demands and requirements that you have, which is actually a good thing about firebase.

This makes it happens that you don’t end up paying for any unnecessary things.

The key features that firebase comes with for absolutely free and this may be really helpful to you if you are a new developer and you have an Angular app or a React App

  • Authentication
  • Cloud Firestore
  • Cloud Messaging
  • Dynamic Links
  • Hosting
  • In-App Messaging
  • Realtime Database
  • Storage

How to use Firebase as a hosting?

Hosting with firebase is really easy.

If you are a developer just have to visit Google Console for firebase and on the left side menu just select the hosting option and follow the instruction provided over there. 

If you are hosting with firebase you get two domain for free

  1. Domain.web.app
  2. Domain.firebase.com

In the Firebase Spark plan that is the free plan, you get up to 10 GB of hosting storage and 10gb per month of data transfer limit.

Well, you can increase that if you want more, by moving on to the blaze plan of the firebase.

For all of the hostings that I am going to talk about, they can not only host angular apps or react app, you can even host any progressive app call it VUE js or normal JavaScript or static HTML pages. you can host anything of that source.

the best part about firebase is, it comes with a firebase realtime database and a firestore.

Those features come for absolutely free.

What is fire-base real-time database?

Firebase database is a document and collection oriented database and as the name suggests it’s a real-time database which means it synchronizes every time there is a change from the client-side to the server-side by its on and the same thing happens vice versa, Which mean any change from the database side is synchronized on the client-side.

In easy words, we can say that you don’t have to purchase another server for database requirements. If your projects demand a database you can work with the firebase realtime database. You don’t even need node.js you can simply work with angular JS and react app or any client-side application.

Firebase has its own sets of functions which requires no server-side coding knowledge.

Firestore is a New featured realtime database launched by google, it also works on the collection document orientation. It’s basically a NoSQL database, but firestore supports queries, unlike the firebase realtime database.

  • Solves the database problem
  • Solves most of the backend demands
  • Firebase authentication solves the authentication process and makes it easier without the need for backend development.

Firebase can really be worthy of hosting angular apps and react apps.

2. Vercel / Now Hosting

Vercel is also known as Now hosting, this hosting is basically a place where static or javascript apps are deployed. 

How to use Now as a hosting?

This hosting has direct integration with git and the javascript app or static website projects can be deployed from GitHub, Git Lab, and Bitbucket directly.

Any changes in the respective git repository would be synchronized automatically, once pushed over!

Now Hosting Pricing

It has a free plan which is also known as a hobby plan and it’s free forever.

Though the free plan has a limitation and it is only limited to one team member. 

Which means that the free plan is only for Individuals and for adding up team member on git, you would have to move to the paid plan.

Free plans even don’t support multiple concurrent builds.

The two types of domains data provided by the now hosting:

  • Projectname.username.now.sh
  • Random_domain.now.sh

Check out the official pricing for Vercel /Now  hosting

  • Doesn’t solve your back and problem really
  • Main work fine for a serverless JavaScript application or static websites.
  • Possible functions and any other database demands you may have to have another server having the database capabilities.

Basically JavaScript apps like an angular app or react app or a static website cannot interact with the database directly as they are not server-side language.

And for a database, we need a server-side language. This problem can be solved by implementing API which would connect your server-side language to your app.

in other words, your app can interact or connect to the database only with the help of API.

In that case, you would need a server that can work with a server-side language and has a database.

I can suggest you one such great hosting service with the cheapest rate yet great performance.

Check out Hostinger’s official website for best-shared hostings at the cheapest rate.

3. Github pages

As the name suggests GitHub pages are hosted by Github.

Github Pages Hosting Pricing

Only static HTML, JavaScript, angular apps, react apps, or any other progressive apps like Vue js apps are hosted for free.

How to use Github pages as a hosting?

Hosting a website on GitHub is really easy.

And an individual can have only one Github hosting website by their username.

Bur can have multiple GitHub hosting websites by project name. 

The domain provided by GitHub for user or Organisation hosting on GitHub:


The Domain provided by get up for project hosting on GitHub:


For project hosting on GitHub, you can either start with a scratch or you can start with templates that have been provided for projects by GitHub for website hostings.

You can even point your GitHub pages to with custom URLs like www.doodleish.com.

Though GitHub only supports static websites of serverless websites, you can still have a blogging website of your own on GitHub Pages using Jekyll.

Jekyll is a technology by which we can dynamically generate static websites or static web pages.

Though if you are hosting your angular app or react app or any other web progressive app on GitHub. I am sure you don’t need any server-side code, your angular apps, react apps or any other web apps will interact with your server through APIs.

You can check out Hostinger’s official website for best-shared hostings at the cheapest rate.

Or you can even check out Bluehost’s official website for shared hosting plans.

4. Netlify Hosting

Netlify is a hosting company that provides hosting for static websites or any web progressive apps.

You can check my other article in which I have talked about How to have Free domain, hosting, SSL with Git integration for a lifetime.

How to use Netlify as a hosting?

Netlify Hosting can host static websites or any web progressive apps be it an angular app, react app, Vue js app, or next JS app.

Netlify can even work with technologies like jamstack.

Actually jamstack stands for JavaScript API Markdown stack. Jumpstart websites are actually dynamic yet they are treated as static by the search engines.

So jamstack is really good for blogging. And with jumpstart technology you can even have dynamic content on a static website or static website host sting like Netlify hosting, GitHub pages hosting or even the now hosting.

The Netlify has got various serverless solutions for its hosting service.

Like it has got Form plugins and Authentication plugins in which you don’t have to manage any database on the server to maintain user’s data.

Netlify comes down with subdomain such as :


In the Netlify account, the projects can be directly integrated with your git account.

Netlify Hosting Pricing

Netlify has got three plans:

  • Individual start-up plans
  • For Teams
  • For Business

The Individual pack is free and allows only one member. Though you can add members to the project with some extra charges.

With the Netlify Individual pack you can only host 500 projects.

The Individual pack in Netlify allows only 1000GB/month bandwidth and only one concurrent build.

Though you can always move on to the next package which is for the teams. There can be three team members and there can be three concurrent builds and the bandwidth is limited up to 400 GB/month.

In the business pack, there can be five or more team members, which can be 600 GB of bandwidth per month. The security level is more strict and better with features like SSO, RBAC, and DDoS mitigation.

99% uptime SLA.

For More Details, You can check the Official Pricing Of Netlify at Netlify’s Official Website.

Though for implementing Jamstack or Angular Apps or React Apps, you would need API and database. You may have to write your own custom API for your function over a hosting that has database functionalities. And generally, PHP  shared servers are cheaper and good, they can be used for API development and can be integrated with your angular or React or your Web app.

You can Check  Hostinger’s official website and Bluehost’s official website for the best and cheapest shared hosting.

Cloud Solutions

5. Microsoft Azure:

Now among the big names, Microsoft Azure comes first on the list.

Microsoft Azure Hosting Pricing

With Microsoft Azure, you get $200 of free credits to explore many other features, 25 plus services that are always free forever, and a Virtual private server free of 12 months.

Basically Microsoft azure provides a free trial service for 12months and you will have to pay for there service post those 12 months.

Microsoft Azure provides a top-notch quality virtual private server for your application. 

Hosting a small Angular app or React app project on the cloud solutions can really stand to be a bit costly for you. Choose cloud solutions only if you think your app or project demands it. These cloud solutions are for big projects and they are really performance-oriented solutions.

How to use Microsoft Azure as a private server hosting?

It enables you to choose a virtual machine for your own comfort. You can choose either Windows or Linux, anything that you wish as they will provide any of them for free up to 750 hours of usage.

You can check out the various products on the official website of Microsoft Azure

Generally, Microsoft Azure packages can be closely compared with Amazon Web service packages.

The Microsoft Azure pack free package has got many features and is a “Pay as you go” kind of package.

Jamstack and Jekyll have got their own limitations and I would really not suggest if you are a beginner.

But having a virtual private server can really open up many doors for learning many things and as a beginner, I think you should own one virtual private server for yourself.

Even if you are an expert I guess you already know why you need a virtual private server. The scalability of a project is unlimited on a virtual private server as compared to the shared Servers.

Microsoft Azure Official site

6. Amazon Web Service EC2

Another virtual private server on the list and this time it’s from the popular Amazon Web service and the product is known as AWS EC2.

Amazon Web Service EC2 Hosting Pricing

Just like the above product provided by Microsoft Azure Amazon Web service is also provides a virtual private server on a free trial for 12 months.

you get the various other free features like and RDS which is free for usage for 12 months.

Just like Microsoft Azure, the Amazon Web Service EC2 is also limited to 750 hours of usage.

With the Amazon Web service, you get various other features like the Amazon dynamo DB which is a NoSQL database, and 25GB of realtime database and is free forever. you get a lambda which is also free forever over where you can run or executed your codes but the limitation with a w s lambda is that it has only 1 million free requests for a month.

The Amazon Web service also has a “pay as you go” kind of plan system.

If your angular app or react app is really small and the scope is really not that great, then I would really not suggest you go with a cloud solution as these solutions are for biggest projects and their solutions can stand to be a bit costly for your small project.

How to use AWS EC2 as a private server hosting?

As soon as you select for an AWS EC2 you can select your processor Ram and the configurations according to your own requirements for the server.

T2 micro T2 mini T2 small are some basic processors you can select from.

Though there are many other processors available as well and you can select anyone out of them as per your own choice.

But high configuration would be charged accordingly.

Check out the price rates and other features at AWS official Website.

7. Google Cloud Platform

The Google cloud platform has got many cloud instances machine types such as EC2, N2, N2D, and many more.

You can run and deploy your Angular apps or react apps over to GCP.

Google Cloud Platform EC2 Hosting Pricing

Google generally on signing up with GCP provides some credit based on which machine type or cloud instance type your selecting. And you get those credits to run the instance or cloud Machines for free until those credits get spent.

But if your project is a small project and the scope of the app is really limited, then GCP can be a bit Costly for you accordingly.

How to use GCP EC2 as a private server hosting?

Just after selecting the cloud instance or the machine type for your requirement of your projects. Google initiates and launches your cloud instance within seconds. Just follow the Google instructions for setting up the machines and you will be good to go within seconds.

Google also supports please SQL database for GCP.

Now to bonus, storage which actually doesn’t work as hosting but you can host your files as an object over to the storage.

8. NPMJs.com

Npm is storage why you can deploy your angular or react app for free can you can deploy unlimited free packages over there.

Npm JS doesn’t work as a hosting but yeah you can host your deployed apps over there.

Your angular app or react app can be easily hosted over to NPMjs.

NPMjs Pricing

But the limitation with the free plan is that all the packages that you can deploy over there will be public and you cannot make it private. To make any package deployed over to NPMjs private, you need to move to Pro Plans.

npm JS has got 4 plan 

$0  which is free and allows unlimited public packages.

Pro package which is $7 per month and unlimited public packages, unlimited private packages, and package based permissions.

Team and organization which is also for $7 per month unlimited packages,  unlimited private package, and team-based permissions

Enterprise starting at $10k per month.

Check out npmjs.

9. Amazon S3

 Amazon S3 is a simple storage service provided by AWS. Your angular app or react app can be easily hosted over to AWS S3.

AWS S3 Pricing

AWS S3 is also available for a free trial which is given to end users for 12 months. The AWS S3 has a storage of 5 GB limited and has a limitation around 20000 get request and 2,000 put requests.

Check out AWS Amazon S3.


Product on the list such as Microsoft Azure, AWS EC2, and Google cloud platform are cloud solutions and they are really performance oriented hosting and they can be really high scalable. But they can be costly as well.

Though their plans are “pay-as-you-go” type, still if your project is a small project and the scope isn’t really that big then I would suggest you not move towards the cloud solutions and would suggest you come back to the solution that I have mentioned earlier on the list.

The solutions that I have mentioned on the top of the list are mostly free and can be used easily for small projects and static websites.

Solutions such as Google Firebase, Netlify, and GitHub pages are really good for hosting static pages. And I would recommend you to go with solutions if you have a small project and you cannot afford to go with cloud solutions.

Moreover an Angular App or React App is a front end technology and does not require any server side technologies for itself to run on a server. So, you can easily run them on a server that supports static websites.

Hosting services which are built for hosting static website are comparatively cheaper than servers that are designed for dynamic functionalities.

Selecting a server is really a crucial job. Select it according to the needs, neither compromise on the demand neither pay excessive.

Decide for yourself which hosting suits your project or app.