6 Easy Steps to solve if Google Amp is not working?


Before Hopping into the steps to solve the problems of working of AMP, you must check out:

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If you already have knowledge about how Google amp works! and what is Google! and basically and you want to know how to develop then you must check my tutorial based on PHP for developing dynamic accelerated mobile page pages for your blogs or Website.

How can you develop Google accelerated mobile pages?


The mobile-optimized or mobile-friendly pages for more mobility can be developed in two ways:

What to look for if your AMP is not working properly?

Now if you are done with everything correctly! and still, your Google amp pages doesn’t work for you the lookout for the following problems:

1. Check out whether your Google AMP Page has been indexed by Google already or not!

Generally, Google takes more time to index these upgraded pages for mobile-friendliness than the normal page to get the index.

You can check this out in the Google search console.

As soon as you have your new page indexed, there would be a new Amp tab accessible to you in the console.

2. Check out for any errors while validating Google accelerated mobile page


if you are a developer, you can check out for any related Google AMP validation errors in the console log of your browser.

You just have to add the following Google enhanced (accelerated) mobile page Validation Tag in your URL


For Example:


And then Reload.

If in case you have any validation related errors, the Console log will log it. And you would be able to solve it accordingly!

In case your Google Amp page is not Validated Properly, it may not Rank on Google SERP.

3. Check Out for Any errors in the Search Console in the Amp section

If you accelerated mobile page from Google has some problems of validation or any other kind of problems. Google search console will let you know about it and if you don’t solve it! The concerned page may get removed from the Google SERP. So check your search console for any updates in error in your Google Amp page.

4. You don’t have to redirect your users to an accelerated page for mobile.

You don’t have to custom code and redirect the mobile users to the amp page. Google does it for you! whenever a user is searching for any results and your Google page is indexed already in google for the respective query. Google presents the accelerated mobile page in the SERP instead of the original HTML page.

5. Amp generally takes more time to get indexed on Google

Google Amp Page generally takes more time to get index on Google than a normal HTML page. So better hold onto your patience and check for updates in your search console. Cause the search console will let you know as soon as your Google amp page gets indexed on Google. And until and unless the Google Amp page gets indexed on Google Amp Page won’t work.


6. Check whether your Google accelerated mobile page has been correctly linked to your HTML page.

Check for the Google Amp href tag in the main page and for the canonical tag in the accelerated mobile page for linking two pages to each other. And the linking should be done properly. If your accelerated mobile pages are not correctly linked to the main pages then your Google’s mobile accelerated Pages may never get indexed in Google.